About Us


GeyserWise was formally founded in 2004 and operations started from Meinhard Fourie’s home in Goodwood. The GeyserWise product was still in the concept phase and much more research and development was needed.

Meinhard came up with the GeyserWise concept when he was working on residential properties as an electrical contractor. During the numerous electrical inspections that he undertook during that time, he recognised geyser defects as one of the predominant issues affecting the consumer. He began researching the idea of providing the consumer with a valuable tool to monitor their geysers (the hidden energy guzzler).

The first prototype was manufactured in China in 2005. These prototypes were used in a pilot project managed by Prof. Ucken of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The results of the project were favourable and Meinhard invested more time in the development of GeyserWise.

From 2006 South Africa experienced major electricity shortages and the shortcomings of the South African electricity supply were highlighted. The average South African was urged to save electricity. With the geyser contributing to roughly 40% of a household’s electricity, the geyser became a focus point for electricity savings in households. The GeyserWise electronic thermostat and timer enabled the consumer to take control of the amount of energy the geyser consumes.

Today energy savings are still at the forefront of everybody’s minds. Electricity prices continue to increase and there is call for consumers to ‘go green’ and be friendlier to the planet.

Solar water heating also started making headlines during 2006. The GeyserWise was further developed to act as differential control in a direct (pump) solar system. The first unit of the GeyserWise Max was manufactured in 2009.

As the solar industry in South Africa continues to grow GeyserWise will continue its research and development to improve its products for the South African market.


Today we also offer other Geyser related products including:

  • Titanium Elements
  • PTC Photo Voltaic Water Heating Systems