10W PV Solar Water Heating Panel

10W PV Panel

For with Geyserwise Max and 12V Solar Pump


For use with Geyserwise Max in 12V pumped solar systems

Technical Specifications

Model: 10W

Peak Power (PMax) : 10 WP

PMax Tolerance:  +/- 2.5wp with tolerance 1%

Voltage: 18.36V

Current: 0.54 A

Open Circuit Voltage: 22.03V

Short Circuit Current: 0.58A

This module produces electricity when exposed to light – follow all applicable electrical safety precautions

ONLY qualified personnel should install or perform maintenance work on these modules

Be aware of dangerous high DC voltage when connecting modules

Do not damage or scratch the rear surface of the module

Do not handle or install modules when they are wet

Follow the battery manufacturer’s recommendation when batteries are used with the modules